Research Update

I’m on the same boat as L…. I want haven’t done much research lately. This semester has probably been my worst mentally. I just don’t feel like myself, my work ethic is just bad this time around. I do plan on asking my Dad about my grandpa’s memoir and his writings and why no one in our family read it. Since he did mention seeing my grandpa write a lot, I wonder why no one really ask him questions about it at the time. I’m going to pinpoint some important moments in the memoir to include in my piece, since people wanted more of it.

I will do some minor researching on Burma’s history to get some of the important facts in there about the British’s ruling, Japan’s and the eventually military takeovers. I hope getting all the research in will inspire me to write in a way I don’t usually do so and most importantly get me on the right track mentally. I imagine the research will change my tone/voice a lot.

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2 thoughts on “Research Update

  1. Jason Tougaw

    That’s fair. It’s a rough time. And life can be relentless. I’m certainly feeling that.

    My advice is not to think too big. Focus on something manageable. Think 8-10 pages. Maybe the task is weaving your grandfather’s story with some history and politics of Burma, perhaps with a nod to the present. That would be plenty.

    Somehow the image of your grandfather writing–on an early computer–is coming through strong.

  2. Catherine LaSota

    Hi, Nick – just sending love during this totally difficult time – I hear you! I think you have some really rich material to dive into whenever you feel ready, and I look forward to it whenever.


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