Research update

I’ve unfortunately not had much time to work on my project at all…I think since the beginning of the semester was busy with working on the presentation, readings and my first workshop piece, I haven’t really had time to sit down and work on my own creative stuff as I diligently do every semester. I’m hoping this second half of the semester will be a little easier for me to navigate and I will have more time to write vs. thinking/talking/studying about writing. Carving out extra time can be very difficult, and personally, would love to do more in-class writing to get the juices flowing.

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2 thoughts on “Research update

  1. Catherine LaSota

    I hear you, Lucy – I think we are all burning out from a year of zoom life, too? I know I am! I really loved your first workshop submission, which felt like it came very much from the heart, and I wonder if even just freewriting for 20 minutes a day might start producing some more good material? Like, without putting any expectation on what comes into the page.


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